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Eat Drink Journey, Issue #003 -- 1/16/2017
January 16, 2017
Hello all,

Last Week on Eat, Drink, Journey

It was an interesting week, capped off by Friday's post on restaurants respecting the wishes of diners (The Curious Incident of the Well Done Steak in the Night-Time). I received many responses on this, and they broke down along predictable lines. Chefs tended to side with the restaurant, feeling that establishments should send out a dish "in the way they think is best." Not surprisingly, diners seemed to believe they were the customers, and thought they were entitled to have a dish prepared the way they wanted it. Get ready for more coverage along these lines in the future.

Last week, we also added my Affordable Wine Guide to California and the Pacific Northwest to the site. This e-book profiles 45 producers, reviews hundreds of wines, and is the only guide I know of to quality wine under $15. It's available for $7.99. You can download the book to your smart phone and use it while shopping.

Here are last week's posts:

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