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Eat Drink Journey, Issue #005 -- 1/30/2017
January 30, 2017
Hello all,

Judging by visitor reactions last week, Jack Nicholson was wrong in the movie A Few Good Men when he proclaimed that people couldn't handle the truth. In fact, readers are thirsty for it, and fed up with fluffy, advertiser-driven "journalism."

The most popular post during the week was The Truth About Sulfites, which exploded the myth that wine drinkers who get headaches are "allergic" to sulfites, and examined the proper role of sulfur in winemaking. This was closely followed by My Name is Todd, and I'll Be Your Server. That article explored the real reasons why your server introduces himself or herself by name, and what he/she hopes to gain by doing so.

Many thanks for your support. Keep reading, and we'll keep the truth coming.

Here are last week's posts: My Name is Todd, and I'll Be Your Server

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