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Eat Drink, Journey, Issue #013 -- 3/27/2017
March 27, 2017
Hello all,

Consumers respond to superlatives, particularly when their knowledge of a product is sketchy. So when people read and hear that a wine region has experienced "the vintage of the century," they're apt to rush out and buy a bottle or two---or at least pick one up when they see it on a retail shelf. Here's the problem, though: in today's market, every vintage seems to qualify for raves. What's a wine drinker to do?

Wine marketing is a huge business. In our most popular post last week ("Why is Every Wine Vintage the Vintage of the Century?"), we explored some of the dynamics that rope consumers into making purchases.

In other news, we profiled the artisan tequila Casa Noble, and took a close look at the legacy of Duckhorn Vineyards---one of Napa's iconic wineries, and probably the most famous Merlot producer in California.

Here are last week's posts:

Why is Every Wine Vintage the Vintage of the Century?

Duckhorn Vineyards: The Once and Future Merlot

Casa Noble Tequila

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