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Eat Drink, Journey, Issue #014 -- 4/3/2017
April 03, 2017
Hello all,

At Eat, Drink, Journey we specialize in the strange, the unusual, the items you haven't thought of that lurk just under the radar screen. The reason is simple: there are billions of other places where you can get the canned, ordinary stuff.

Craft distillers are almost as common as websites nowadays, but 35 years ago that was far from the case. In 1982, when Jorg Ropf founded St. George Spirits, the concept of craft distilling was unknown in the U.S. Last week we reviewed a trio of unique, artisanal gins from St. George.

We focused on a genuine family winery from the Russian River Valley (Benovia), and also gave you a radical recipe for transforming the prized bottles of red wine in your cellar into barbecue sauce. And no, we weren't talking about the bottles that were over the hill, but rather the expensive ones you've been saving to drink.

Remember, there's a fine line between genius and insanity.

St. George Spirits: A Tale of Three Gins

The World's Strangest Barbecue Sauce?

Benovia Winery: The Legacy of Family

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