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glass half full: 1/5/2018

A roundup of the most interesting food, wine and spirits stories on the web (because even Al Gore, who invented it, doesn't have time to read them all)

Roadside guacamole: the logical successor to tableside guacamole.

A Mexican truck explodes, dumping 40,000 pounds of molten guacamole on a Texas highway:


The wheels of justice grind slow, but they grind fine.

After five years, Guy Fieri’s Times Square restaurant is finally closing:


Further proof (if proof were needed) that Canadians are an eminently sensible group.

North of the border, they’re spending almost as much on weed as wine:


If Kim Jung Un launches a nuclear attack on the U.S., we’ll always have the crackers.

Here’s something to cheer you up:


Want to pass physics? Drink more whisky.

The hard stuff can help explain the concept of deep time:


Subway closed nearly 1,000 U.S. stores in 2017.

Franchisees are in full revolt against the $5 Footlong: