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Glass half Full 6/15/2017

A roundup of the most interesting stories on the web recently (because even Al Gore, who invented it, doesn't have time to read it all).

You would have eaten more vegetables if your mother had described them better.


A Stanford study reveals that more people choose vegetables if the descriptions are sexier, and they eat more of them at each sitting. The key: don’t give consumers the impression that veggies are healthy, which appears to be the kiss of death.

Remember when a billion dollars was a lot of money?


Here’s a list of the 15 richest men in the liquor business---all billionaires, and not one of them from the United States.

The most interesting man in the world is back, but his drinking habits have changed.


Jonathan Goldsmith has returned to the world of advertising, but he’s not hawking Dos Equis anymore. The world’s most interesting man has graduated to tequila: extraordinary times call for exceptional solutions.

Are you a winemaker? Head for the South of England.


If you’re in Southern Spain or Santa Barbara, don’t despair that the polar icecap is melting: jump in a kayak and head for Sussex. That’s where the action is.

Could you pass the Master of Wine exam?


Nothing to it, really: here are the questions from the 2017 exam, along with the wines offered during the blind tasting component.