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glass half full: 6/21/2017

A roundup of the most interesting food, wine and spirits stories on the web recently (because even Al Gore, who invented it, doesn't have time to read it all).

Katz’s Deli is on the move:

Several weeks ago we reported that Katz’s, the legendary deli on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, was building a production facility in New Jersey and planning to ship worldwide (The Global Power of Pastrami). Now it seems they’ve opened in Dekalb Market Hall in Brooklyn, a culinary center showcasing 40 vendors “who reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the borough.”

Here’s one blogger’s account of a Katz’s pastrami sandwich in Brooklyn:


But can it clap its hands and stamp its feet?

An expert says that Sherry has the same complexities as flamenco:


As they say in the wine business, a depletion is a depletion.

French vandals smash up more wineries, because they can:


Amazon is buying Whole Foods, and the world is coming to an end.

But at least we’ll have our kale and quinoa delivered by drone:


And speaking of the end of the world: Constellation Brands, one of the foremost purveyors of mediocre beverages (along with a few good ones), has bought the Napa cult winery Schrader Cellars:


Yes, but Vegas bars have been staffed by robots for years.

Automation hits beverage hospitality: