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glass half full: 6/28/2017

A roundup of the most interesting food, wine and spirits stories on the web (because even Al Gore, who invented it, doesn't have time to read them all).

The Billion-Dollar Tequila

The week’s most important story was the billion-dollar buyout by Diageo of Casamigos, a tequila brand founded four years ago by George Clooney and friends. The implications of this deal will be simmering for some time, and I explore the ramifications of it here:


Cabernet Franc, meet Cabernet Sauvignon

In other beverage M & A news, Clos Rougeard, the cult Loire Valley wine most sommeliers would kill for, has been purchased by Chateau Montrose:


The best new restaurants in America

According to someone:


Is Vladimir Putin hacking the luxury vodka market?

When elections simply aren’t enough:


In case you’ve forgotten, it’s rosé season

America’s wine critics give their recommendations:



Would you pay $700 for a bottle of Wild Turkey?

Apparently a lot of people are doing so, as Wild Turkey “funk” has become the latest obsessive collectible. This is inside baseball, but a fascinating read for spirits geeks:


                     great wine for under $15?

It’s not a typo, oxymoron or stupid question. There’s a lot of very good wine at very low prices, but discovering it is a challenge---particularly when you’re strolling the wine aisle of your local supermarket or beverage superstore, staring at a tsunami of unfamiliar labels.

The answer is Mark Spivak’s Affordable Wine Guide to California and the Pacific Northwest, available as an e-book for $7.99. The book profiles 43 producers and contains hundreds of wine reviews, and gives you a clear-cut view of the good and the bad. The criteria are simple: What does the wine taste like? What kind of food does it go with? Is it worth the money?

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