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glass half full: 7/12/2017

A roundup of the most interesting food, wine and spirits stories on the web recently (because even Al Gore, who invented in, doesn't have time to read them all).

Why did they cross the road?

7,000 chickens stop traffic on an autobahn in Austria:


In the market for a barbecue smoker? Or a 1988 Cadillac Coupe de Ville:

Or both:


How the U.S. government is keeping a lid on defense spending

Draining the swamp: Christening warships with sparkling Moscato (at least no one has to drink it):


Where’s Henry Kissinger when you need him?

Having kicked the Four Seasons and their glittering clientele to the curb, the Major Food Group is wondering why the celebs aren’t coming back to the Seagram Building:


Time to make some mimosas

That spectacular moment when you discover you’ve spent $4K on a fake bottle of 1947 Krug Collection:


Veggie Straws get hit with a lawsuit for not containing vegetables

Nothing is sacred:


Nor should you attempt to eat the Baked Alaska until the flames subside:

The ultimate case of Delhi belly: man gets hole in stomach by refusing to wait until the liquid nitrogen in his cocktail dissipates: