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Glass half full: 8/16/2017

A roundup of the most interesting food, wine and spirits stories on the web (because even Al Gore, who invented it, doesn't have time to read them all)

More than 1 in 8 Americans are now alcoholics.

And the rise among women is particularly disturbing:


Chipoltle closes store overrun by mice.

When it rains, it pours (rodents, in this case):


A master craftsman looks back on 50 years in the wine industry.

Pierre Seilan, winemaker for Chateau Lassegue in St.-Emilion and Sonoma’s Verité:


We all aspire to be goldfish.

The fish survive in freezing conditions by turning their body’s lactic acid into alcohol:


A Chinese tourist paid $10,000 for a shot of 1878 Macallan at a Swiss Hotel.

Only problem was, the whisky turned out to be fake:


Fair is fair.

Speaking of China: A restaurant is offering customer discounts based on bra size.