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glass half full: 10/26/2017

A roundup of the most interesting food, wine and spirits stories on the web (because even Al Gore, who invented it, doesn't have time to read them all)

Because right after you admit to sexual harassment, the one thing you want to do is spend more time with your family:

Dashing celebrity chef John Besh is suddenly the Harvey Weinstein of the culinary world. After admitting to harassment and stepping down from his restaurant group, 25 women have come forward with allegations. And wait, there’s more: the Besh organization fired Alon Shaya, possibly America’s most brilliant young chef, after he warned Besh executives about the pattern of harassment.


Just in case you’re not aware of your own wine preferences, and want to pay someone $80 to find out what they are.

There’s always someone out there who knows more about yourself than you do:


Blue chip wine has consistently outperformed every other investment vehicle on the plant.

If, and only if, you know what you’re doing:

Grand Theft Fajita

$1.2 million buys a lot of grilled meat and veggies:


The current wellness epidemic may not be eradicating bars, but it’s definitely changing them:

What does wellness look like in the world of alcohol?


Annals of Idiocy

How much would you pay for a flask of smoked water (hint: it costs more than Glenlivet)?


                     great wine for under $15?

It’s not a typo, oxymoron or stupid question. There’s a lot of very good wine at very low prices, but discovering it is a challenge---particularly when you’re strolling the wine aisle of your local supermarket or beverage superstore, staring at a tsunami of unfamiliar labels.

The answer is Mark Spivak’s Affordable Wine Guide to California and the Pacific Northwest, available as an e-book for $7.99. The book profiles 43 producers and contains hundreds of wine reviews, and gives you a clear-cut view of the good and the bad. The criteria are simple: What does the wine taste like? What kind of food does it go with? Is it worth the money?

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