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The Funnel Method

by Michael Degnan
(Tampa, Florida)

I use glass bottles that are smaller than a full 750ml bottle. I prefer those with a "screw cap" for ease of closure but a cork or a piece plastic film with a rubber band work just as well since the key is, as Mark says in the beginning of the article, the elimination of oxygen contact. Many products, including wines, come in bottle sizes of 375ml (2-6oz glasses) or 187ml (one large glass) already including the screw cap. So your only cost might be a cheap set of kitchen funnels available at most supermarkets. If you funnel the wine into the smaller containers immediately upon opening the bottle, you have nearly zero oxygen contact.

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Feb 27, 2017

by: Mark

That's an excellent idea, Mike, and very cost-effective as well. As you point out, the important thing is keeping the oxygen out of the bottle. Either way, I suspect most people would finish the leftover wine the next day, or within 48 hours.

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